Amazon blindly believes that high status lazy greedy women are owning the Amazon account of a single women

Internet companies in India like Amazon do not know their real customers, rely on corrupt intelligence, security agencies especially in panaji, goa
Many people are losing their money online, because the corrupt intelligence, security agencies especially in panaji, goa are LIARS, making fake claims about online accounts. There is only one person who is spending time, money on the computer, internet connection, paying the credit card bill.

The name of the person is also printed on the credit card, reissued in February 2021, despite the Quora answers since the credit card companies agree that she is paying the bills on time, though the state government is criminally defaming her ,

Yet indicating the inefficiency of Amazon in India, especially in panaji, goa the domain investor cannot login to the Amazon account, since the security, intelligence agencies are falsely claiming that some raw/cbi employee who does not pay the credit card bill, does not own the credit card, owns credit card of a private citizen, domain investor

The domain investor was spending Rs 3000-5000 monthly on Amazon, since the account is accessible only with a smartphone, she cannot login, Amazon fails to realize that the greedy goan officials are liars, is losing the business