32 google reviews added in one day by R&AW employee stock trader amita patel’s digital marketing agency

Before government agencies comment on the website content, they should explain why raw/cbi are making fake claims that their employees like stock trader amita patel, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro, sindhi scammer naina chandan, siddhi mandrekar, who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains including this one of a private citizen, the real domain investor to pay all these domain fraudster a monthly government salary, while criminally defaming the real domain investor in the worst manner

The greedy gujju R&AW employee amita patel was least interested in investing in domains, yet R&AW has been making fake claims since 2013, causing great losses to the domain investor, who is also denied a life of dignity. It appears that when some of negative reviews of amita patel were posted on the domains, which R&AW, google, tata falsely claim she owns , her digital marketing agency became very active and immediately posted 32 mainly positive google reviews within 24 hours on 17 May 2021

The domain investor would like to ask the indian, state government, google, tata, that when raw employee amita patel is paying her digital marketing agency for updating her social media account, getting Google reviews, why does she not pay for the domains, and get them legally transferred in her name, why is the real domain investor expected to pay Rs 4-5 lakh annually for domain renewals, while the already wealthy and extremely greedy gujju amita patel gets a R&AW salary for FAKING domain ownership including this one

Multiple people have confirmed that R&AW employee amita patel is charging Rs 6 lakh for training one person for one course