Some of the teleshopping channels do not have enough suppliers

Due to hacking of computers, laptops, and amazon’s recent policy of blocking non-smartphone users from their business account, citizens are using teleshopping channels looking for shopping deals, especially in small towns
However, many of teleshopping channels do not have enough suppliers, they are showing the same deal repeatedly
It would be interesting to find out why they are not getting enough suppliers, whether they are charging a very high commission, cash on delivery is very risky in India or some other reason.

Teleshopping channels interested in finding new suppliers can send their terms and conditions to

Amazon blindly believes that high status lazy greedy women are owning the Amazon account of a single women

Internet companies in India like Amazon do not know their real customers, rely on corrupt intelligence, security agencies especially in panaji, goa
Many people are losing their money online, because the corrupt intelligence, security agencies especially in panaji, goa are LIARS, making fake claims about online accounts. There is only one person who is spending time, money on the computer, internet connection, paying the credit card bill.

The name of the person is also printed on the credit card, reissued in February 2021, despite the Quora answers since the credit card companies agree that she is paying the bills on time, though the state government is criminally defaming her ,

Yet indicating the inefficiency of Amazon in India, especially in panaji, goa the domain investor cannot login to the Amazon account, since the security, intelligence agencies are falsely claiming that some raw/cbi employee who does not pay the credit card bill, does not own the credit card, owns credit card of a private citizen, domain investor

The domain investor was spending Rs 3000-5000 monthly on Amazon, since the account is accessible only with a smartphone, she cannot login, Amazon fails to realize that the greedy goan officials are liars, is losing the business

Delivery charges should be clearly specified for teleshopping

Since panaji is a small town, there are only a few stores, selling some products, especially utensils. Some of the shopkeepers are charging whatever amount they feel like which is sometimes far more than the market price.
So some citizens are forced to place orders online, to purchase items they want, especially when the amazon account access is limited. some of the only stores like ezmall are clearly specifying their delivery charges, while for others the delivery charges are known only when the order is placed on phone.
It is better for the buyer if they know the delivery charges well in advance.

Grofers Stay Home April 3 gifts promo allegedly inspired by ntro, raw, cbi’s work at home fraud, identity theft racket

Since 2010, ntro, raw, cbi are openly involved in work at home fraud, identity theft racket, criminally defaming indian paypal account holders, falsely claiming that all their income is a gift from their relatives outside india, when actually they are providing services to customers
Just because the paypal account holder is working from home, and does not have a large professional network in india, government agencies find them a soft target, and make fake allegations without any proof to ruin their reputation, cheat and exploit them, steal their identity .
The domain investor has been criminally defamed for the last 11 years, so the tendency of indian government agencies to criminally defame the indian paypal account holders, falsely claiming that all their income is a gift from their relatives outside india, when actually they are providing services to customers has allegedly inspired Grofers Stay Home April promotion, offering 3 gifts for doing so.
The government agencies refuse to acknowledge that people working from home have a legitimate source of income, continue to falsely claim that the income is a gift, in a clear case of criminal defamation. This grofers stay home april, may be due to the covid-19 pandemic, and is being extensively advertised on television, especially hindi channels.

If continues with business account blocking, orders can be placed using teleshopping

Indicating the great power of dishonest liar men who hate the domain investor, a private citizen, they are harassing all companies dealing with her.
The greedy goan officials only want the domain investor, a private citizen to pay for domains, webhosting online, and then falsely claim that it belongs to the lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, sindhi scammer housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons, karan, nikhil, who do not even spend money on computers , while continuing with the criminal defamation of the domain investor who is spending her time and money.
It appears that amazon buckled under the pressure of the powerful dishonest greedy goan officials and is not allowing login to the amazon account, since it requires a smartphone for login.
Instead of spending money at amazon, the domain investor will withdraw more cash from her bank account, and purchase items using teleshopping since many items are not available in panaji, goa

Amazon has disabled account access and is sending promotional mailers

The domain investor intentionally does not use a smartphone, yet Amazon is now only allowing smartphone users to access their account . The user cannot even change the settings, or access information of earlier orders
Then Amazon is sending promotional mailers of various products which are available for sale, When the user cannot login because she only has a basic mobile, how can she check the promotions available. This shows a major problem with the marketing strategy, they are blocking account access, and then sending mailers for the products for sale.

Online information on teleshopping channels not valid all over india

Due to lack of access to the amazon account of the domain investor, changed policy of not allowing non-smartphone users access, the domain investor decided to check the teleshopping channels on the satellite tv connection
Teleshopping channels are free, yet the number of channels available depends on the location of the user.
search online, the top ranked website in Bing is showing 4-5 teleshopping channels
The number of these channels is also not valid in panaji, goa
For example Naaptol is available at 156 on Tata sky in panaji, and Ezmall is available at 158 in panaji, goa

No incentives for domain renewal

Each domain renewal is costing Rs 1000 annually, and when no advertising is sold, the domain investor is directly making a loss of Rs 1000. This domain is one of the many domains where no advertising was sold since 2017 despite developing a static website on marketing promotions

So the wordpress blog is installed hoping to make some money from the domain, since the ad network claims that they sell more advertising on websites with the auto ad placement plugin installed.

The well paid ntro employees are behaving worse than extortionists when they falsely link the mental health of domain investors with wordpress installation, the investor is only trying to make some money from the Rs 1000+ invested yearly in domain renewals since domains are a very expensive investment, especially in india, with some government agencies extremely brazen in their financial fraud on the domain investor, a private citizen